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We Will Remember

Ships Co march PastAs you are probably aware, we recently had remembrance Sunday. SOMERSET was in Lisbon,Portugal at the time but that didnt stop us from paying our respects for the fallen heros of the past….

Its was Sunday morning and we were all getting Suited and booted for our parade that was happening in the local church. We had to have a quick 10 minute recap on the orders for drill though, as matelots its not our strong point to be honest lol


We marched proudly through the parks and streets of Lisbon. It makes you reflect on the role in which we play as service men and women, the fight to keep the peace and safeguard our loved ones at home and people around the world will always carry casualities. Those people will never be forgotten, and altough life goes on. The standars they set and the exaplmes of shear bravery they have shown us will always echo in eternity.

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