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My First Blog by Emma, Marine Engineer, HMS Endurance

only fuelling, Avcating, sullaging, routine maintanence to carry out on the main engines and stores to do. Oh, and keep my watches. But hey, what else can i do out here??!!! Keeps me busy and not thinking of home too much.

Anyway, now i’ve dripped, i suppose i should babble on about something else.
I’ve been in the Navy for just short of three years now, following in the footsteps of my Step Father (currently a big bad FOSTie) and his Father. And I love my job. I know most people whine about their jobs so consider myself one of the few lucky people in the world to have job satifaction. Don’t get me wrong - i have my days when i wonder what the hell i’m doing and why am i not at home making dinner for my finace getting in from work and cleaning the house (which i have seen little of since we bought it!) - but then i have a morale mint, providing the Naafi man hasn’t run out of them, and remember i can’t cook, and thats probably why i ended up settling down with a chef!

my long suffering better half is James, and i miss him lots! He’s a chef on oil rigs, so we don’t see a great deal of one another. But we see our hard work as a down payment on our future.

I’ve been on Endurance for a little over two months now and the differences between a grey and this are astounding!

I’ve just finished my first trip to the Antartic Circle and it was truley the best thing ever. The scenery is breath-taking and i’ve decided penguins are the funniest animals in the world. Mind you, i was told that this was an easy draft - anyone who thinks that is sorely mistaken! Don’t get me wrong, the living conditions are top rate compared to a grey ship, but the work load (at least for my department) never lets up. But i guess thats the price we have to pay to enjoy the surroundings we’re lucky enough to encounter.

Wow, i’ve babbled enough now i think - until next time (hopefully with some photos attached)!

Sparkles x


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