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This being my first post I would just like to say to Everyone, Hello.  I’ve done 2 years and 10 months of training to get where I am today.  It is one heck of a pipeline, but I should be as ready as I possibly can be to do the job thats asked of me.  I joined HMS Trafalgar on the 15 December as it’s newest Warfare Officer.  It’s straight in at the deep end as my training is not finished yet, the demands of being a submariner are such that I have to know all the valves and circuits and understand every system on the boat.  No small feat for a man that kept breaking the coffee machine at the Naval College, but I have a few month’s to do it.  When I do I’ll be updating this blog with a single one word post along the lines of: Woo hoo!

I don’t want you to think its all back breaking toil and endless head injuries aboard a Submarine, though there is plenty of that.  I had been on ten minutes before the first joke was cracked.  Sailors have a, deserved, reputation for their humour and while I would love to repeat all the gags and hilarious one liners I’ve heard I am afraid that it would be completely unsuitable for daytime viewers.  Suffice to say, I am going to enjoy my time on HMS Trafalgar.

I’ll leave with this final note,  I’ve never felt so welcome as I have in the past week and there is a certain sense of satisfaction to be had in ‘digging out blind’ for other people when you know there working just as hard, if not harder, for you.

Safe Journey to you all.

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  1. UNI-T said:

    Good luck Deryk! Keep Blogging too! Cheers.