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22nd December 2008

First Blog

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This being my first post I would just like to say to Everyone, Hello.  I’ve done 2 years and 10 months of training to get where I am today.  It is one heck of a pipeline, but I should be as ready as I possibly can be to do the job thats asked of me.  I joined HMS Trafalgar on the 15 December as it’s newest Warfare Officer.  It’s straight in at the deep end as my training is not finished yet, the demands of being a submariner are such that I have to know all the valves and circuits and understand every system on the boat.  No small feat for a man that kept breaking the coffee machine at the Naval College, but I have a few month’s to do it.  When I do I’ll be updating this blog with a single one word post along the lines of: Woo hoo!