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Discover the fantastic opportunities that the Royal Navy has to offer. We provide world-class training and a lifestyle packed with adventure and achievement. All we need from you is the determination to succeed. Interested? Find out more about each role or get in touch for all the answers and more.

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The Royal Navy recognises potential and will help you achieve yours. Whatever your level of experience, our training will help you build on it. We can give you the qualifications you need and we can help you develop the ones you already have.

Our roles have requirements to suit every level, and cover a huge variety of interests and skills. Discover where your potential fits by exploring the career areas below.

  • A highly challenging role. Aircrew Officers are expert aviators who fly and take tactical control of jets and helicopters, enabling the Royal Navy to deliver air power from the sea and land.
  • This field covers the hugely responsible jobs of Royal Naval Air Traffic Control Officer, who controls both military and civilian aircraft, and Naval Airmen. Naval Airmen (Aircraft Handlers) control and move aircraft and Naval Airmen (Survival Equipment) maintain the safety equipment needed by all aircrew and air passengers and train them in its use.
  • The Royal Navy sails on its stomach – Chefs produce high quality food at sea and on land, and Stewards efficiently provide hospitality services and undertake other whole ship tasks.
  • Chaplains care for the spiritual and emotional well-being of naval personnel and their families. They work at sea, at Naval Bases and in Training Establishments.
  • From Mine Clearance Diver and Marine Warfare Specialists to Warfare Rating (Submariner) and Warfare Specialist, these personnel are cool-headed and highly trained. Warfare Officers are responsible for navigating the Royal Navy’s ships and submarines.
  • Communication Technicians are Specialists in technology that communicates anything from battle orders to requests for supplies, or gathering and interpreting vital military information.
  • Looking after the oral health of servicemen and women is essential - Dental Officers and Dental Assistants maintain the dental health of personnel at sea and on shore.
  • Marine and Weapons Engineering Officers and Technicians keep ships running at the peak of operational effectiveness and maintain the Royal Navy’s sophisticated electronic weapons and defensive systems.
  • Air Engineer Officers and Air Engineering Technicians work in multi-skilled teams to implement checks and repairs, maintaining Royal Navy aircraft at the peak of operational readiness.
  • Communication and Information Specialists manage the Royal Navy’s information systems and train others to do the same. A highly responsible job.
  • Logistics Officers make sure everything runs smoothly. They are responsible for all Logistics onboard, from pay and food to the supply of spare parts for sophisticated Weapon Systems.
  • Medical and Nursing Officers, Naval and Medical Assistants provide first-class medical care for all Naval personnel. Medical Assistants (Submariner) look after environmental safety on board nuclear submarines as well as the health of the ship’s company.
  • Stores Accountants are responsible for millions of pounds worth of equipment and supplies at sea. Writers are skilled administrators looking after records, movements, accounts and pay
  • Hydrographic, Meteorological and Oceanographic Specialists observe the weather and survey the world’s oceans and coasts to support a wide range of Royal Navy operations.
  • Seamen Specialists are highly skilled men and women who manoeuvre the ship, crew the upper deck and operate the smaller, faster boats of the Royal Navy’s Surface Fleet.
  • The elite Royal Navy Submarine Service relies on exceptional people in a number of roles. Marines and Weapon Engineering Technician, Catering Logistician, Medical Assistant and Communications Specialist are just some of the roles available to those who’ve got what it takes to work at the cutting edge of the Royal Navy.
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