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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Following yet another very busy and challenging year I would like to offer all members of the Naval service every best wish for Christmas and the New Year and to thank you all for the continued outstanding efforts in support of all that the Royal Navy has done this past year. 

We have made a huge contribution to Herrick and Telic, as well as our continuing operations to provide influence on behalf of the UK and deliver maritime security around the world and in UK waters.

Wherever you work, be it in the front line, in training, in a headquarters, in DE&S, the joint arena or in our reserves, you may all take significant pride in the fact that the Naval service continues to deliver in spades across the globe.  We should be rightly confident in our abilities and our clear operational focus.  And we should be reassured that the family of navies still consider us to be the benchmark and that we are the partner of choice for the United States.

I have no doubt we will face many more challenges next year in continuing to deliver against a backdrop of ever tightening resources.  Undoubtedly, the operational tempo will remain high and our main effort must be to ensure continued success in current operations while keeping an eye on the future.  And in considering those operations our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who have been killed or injured on operations this year.

I would also like to acknowledge those who are away from the UK over the Christmas and New Year period and thank both you and your families for the sacrifice you and they are making.  In particular, we have 21 warships, submarines and RFAs away from home, together with command elements, the commando brigade, special forces and elements from several naval air squadrons as well as many individual augmentees providing support to operations. 

Throughout the year it has been my immense privilege to visit many of the units across the naval service.  it is very clear to me that it is your unfailing dedication and commitment, your humour in adversity, your professionalism, and the support from your families that allows our navy to do what it does and my thanks and best wishes to you all.

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