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Ocean Life Taurus 09

Hello and welcome to the middle of the Mediterranean. It’s been just over 2 weeks since we set sail on a foggy evening in Plymouth but oh has it been eventful.  Working all hours of the day and sleeping hardly any, visits to Italy and getting used to life on a pussers grey, it’s been mostly fun for all.

We set sail in Plymouth in the best navy fashion, the entire ships company donned there best nos 1’s and line the deck for procedure alpha. This is a time honoured navy tradition when entering or exiting a port everyone stands to attention to show exactly how smart and respectable the navy can be. Once at sea, we were give no time to settle in, our squadron got straight to what to do best… hunting submarines!!! We conducted about 5 days of ASW (Anti Submarine Warfare) which took its toll on all the engineers as well as the aircrew. Trying to get used to ships routines and working 8 hours shifts proved very tiring, but was well worth it by the end of the exercise, which saw us exceed our goals and keep everyone “upstairs” happy.

As they say, those who work hard, play hard. This couldn’t be more truer in the case of almost every matelot I’ve ever met. On Friday morning, we got suited up in our 1’s again and lined the deck for our decent on Naples, Italy. Most people on board didn’t waist any time getting ashore as soon as leave was piped, and we were no exception. The weather was very pleasant and even though we were getting some crazy looks from the locals for walking around in shorts and t-shirts this didn’t stop us from enjoying our self’s. Throughout the weekend there were various activities for the ships company to enjoy including day trips to Mt Vesuvius, and Rome, as well as Skiing at a local resort. Trying not to be too negative I personally wasn’t a fan of Naples, which in my view was let down mainly by the people. They were not very welcome to foreigners, and tried everyway to get one over on us at any opportunity. I have no doubt that Naples was a great city in its day, but I would say that day has long since past. The only highlight was seeing one of the largest ships I’ve ever seen, ( god I sounds like a right spotter) It was the MSC Fantasia, which is brand new, Its 133,000 tonnes which dwarfed our ship.

We set sail on Tuesday to a destination as yet undecided, since then 820 has picked up where we left off and have been flying almost non stop. I apologise for the long gap since my last post, it has been difficult trying to find time with our current flying schedule as well as having the worst case of man flu at the moment, but I’ve been told to man up and that’s been all the medicine I’ve needed and pretty much all the sympathy I’ve been given too, :( lol. More to come I promise and sorry for no pics this time, Im working on getting a few for next time.

Thanks for reading.  Ricky

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