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Taurus 09, Still Working Hard…well Almost

Hello and welcome to the blog,

Since the last blog there have been quite a few things going on, plenty of flying as well as lots of broken helicopters, which means lots of work for me. We have also managed 4 days along side in Kusadasi, Turkey which was a very good run ashore.

Things have been quite hectic the last couple of weeks, there has been an influx of people on board which means daily routines have had to be altered slightly. 845 Seaking squadron embarked as well as quite a few Royal Marines. Everything has been running fairly smoothly even though the queue for scran has been rather emotional.


 820 have been conducting our usual ASW role as well as bringing mail and other stores onboard. We have however had a lot of maintenance to do which meant a very busy time for us engineers. All was forgiven when we docked in Kusadasi, Turkey. We have had 4 days in one of the friendliest countries I have been to in quite some time. This was my first time in Turkey and I was very pleased with the general attitude of everyone there, the food was great and the random Irish bars that were everywhere were very accommodating. There were plenty of things to do in the general areas of Kusadasi, there were ancient ruins to visit in Ephesis, as well as Turkish spas and traditional Turkish baths. I would have loved to do some of these things but, work was a priority and we had maintenance on the aircraft for most of the weekend, but it didn’t kill our spirit, we worked hard as usual, and played hard just the same.

We have sailed now and are conducting or usual ASW role, ready for the next stage of our exercise. Hope you enjoyed reading, and ill see what kind of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors I have made when my dad emails me listing them all. Cheers dad.

Later  Ricky


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