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Made It - DARING Goes to Sea

As I write this, DARING has just made her first tenmative steps as a warship at sea.  Following a rigorous period of training, to which the Ship’s Company responded fantastically, we were given the final approval to sail on Friday morning by the Commodore Portsmouth Flotilla.  The Ship was well-presented, preparations to sail had been put in place and we were excitied, and a little nervous, about the prospect.  We made our way out of the Clyde and will engage in exercises to prove our ability at sea.  A great relief to have made it, a real achievement by everyone and it keps DARING moving forward. 

Of course, there are plenty of issues in equipment that we will have to put right.  One of which is our ability to access the Internet from sea.  You may therefore be relieved to know that the blog may be less regularly updated.  Nevertheless, you can be assured that we will be winding our way steadily down to the South Coast, undertaking trials, popping in to a few places to sau hello, but focussed on arriving in Portsmouth on 28th Jan. 

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