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Circuit Training

23rd May 2008

The Flight Deck Isn’t Just for a Helo!

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You may think that the flight deck is just a place for the helo to land and take off.  That is obviously its main role but it also has another purpose.  It’s where matelots relax and have some well earned fun in the sun!

 part 2 phot 2   

This is one of my many `different` Rigs, this time at the Tug of War event on the flight deck.  It was awesome; everyone totally put 110% effort in, the two phots you can see on the right are from when the whole girls’ mess went against 5 of the Chiefs’ mess.  It was definitely a challenge the Chiefs won’t forget in a hurry.

8th May 2008

The Story So Far…

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Well, where do I start?  It’s May, and as I’m typing my first blog entry I’m wondering to myself how should I write this to:

a) get you to want to read more because you enjoy it

b) give you a true impression of what it is actually like on board a Pusser’s Grey (by the way, that means ’ship’ in our ‘Jack speak`).