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Matt Brown

Duty In the SCC.....Winner, finish at 0800.



Hello, my name’s Matt Brown and I’m a Leading Physical Trainer in the Royal Navy.  I’m 28 and I live in Plymouth.  At the moment I’m serving on HMS SOMERSET on operations with NATO out in the Mediterranean…  Welcome to my world.


Through this Blog I will try and give you a little taster of what Navy life is all about through my experiences on board. 

Posts by Matt Brown

27th November 2008

Over and Out!!

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This will probably be my last Post that i write on board HMS SOMERSET, i am due to leave the ship on the 19th of December this year. Its been nearly 2 years since i have joined her now and my draft is almost done!

We Will Remember

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Ships Co march PastAs you are probably aware, we recently had remembrance Sunday. SOMERSET was in Lisbon,Portugal at the time but that didnt stop us from paying our respects for the fallen heros of the past….

Back at Last, but Not for Long

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Me and The Cyclists









Its my first post in a while actually, appologies for that, there has been a lot happening since we arrived home from Deployment in August.

1st July 2008

Black Beauty in Taranto

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Hiya, you may be slighty confused as to why the title says Black Beauty, its nothing to do with a galloping horse or an advert for Lloyds tsb. Its simply a term used for when your duty bound to stay on the ship. There are 26 of us who are duty at anyone time whilst we are away in a foreign port. Basiclally we are the ships firemen, medics, and all around guardians of the ship for any emergency that may happen. My Job is in the Ships control Centre (SCC) this place is full of dials and buttons and screens that all have to be watched as they control the ships water supplies, firefighting detection systems, fuel levels etc. Although im typing this im still keeping an eye out for stuff, im mastering the art of multi tasking…..and im male, not bad eh ;)

27th June 2008

Im Back….. Again

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Phew,,, only just made that last post then, just as squeezed the last few letters out and pressed publish the ships email system went down……good timing if you ask me.

So, now im back in my office still sweating even after having a shower (a bit graphic but its true). I have only just finished taking a lunch time circuit which i call Muscle beach in nearly 40 degree heat! Good timesfor me though because everyones smashing out the phyz (physical training in our language) including the Wardroom! and getting massive for the MRS or getting hardcore for home. Basically panic training before we arrive back to the UK in August :)

Relating to .

23rd June 2008

Im Back :)

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Dont worry I havent fallen off the face of the earth i had taken some leave whilst away on Deployment. Its like they say ” All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

I have just been to Nice in the South of France and I have to say the place is off the hook! if you have never been there you really should try it.  I had put in for a few days leave to go and visit whilst the ship visited Toulon. A well deserved rest before we ramp up for a 7 day stint at sea.

I will have to shoot off now because in 3 minutes time the Navystar net on board will close for 5 hours but I will continue this though so dont panic !

Be right back

3rd June 2008

Time to Crack On

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In the Navy it’s not always fun 24 hrs a day, although it would be cool if it was. We also have a serious role to play around the world: anything from disaster relief and anti-drug trafficking to submarine hunting and global peace-keeping patrols. Basically all the steely stuff you guys see on the TV adverts. It’s when we’re doing those jobs that we are at our very best.

I have a few roles on board other than PTI and keeping the ship’s company fit. I’m also a member of the ship’s boarding team and  a Quartermaster steering the ship in and out of ports. I have had to train to learn these extra roles but it’s something I take pride in doing. part 3 phot 3 part 3 phot 1

23rd May 2008

The Flight Deck Isn’t Just for a Helo!

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You may think that the flight deck is just a place for the helo to land and take off.  That is obviously its main role but it also has another purpose.  It’s where matelots relax and have some well earned fun in the sun!

 part 2 phot 2   

This is one of my many `different` Rigs, this time at the Tug of War event on the flight deck.  It was awesome; everyone totally put 110% effort in, the two phots you can see on the right are from when the whole girls’ mess went against 5 of the Chiefs’ mess.  It was definitely a challenge the Chiefs won’t forget in a hurry.

8th May 2008

The Story So Far…

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Well, where do I start?  It’s May, and as I’m typing my first blog entry I’m wondering to myself how should I write this to:

a) get you to want to read more because you enjoy it

b) give you a true impression of what it is actually like on board a Pusser’s Grey (by the way, that means ’ship’ in our ‘Jack speak`).




6th April 2008

Images Some Photos Onboard HMS Somerset and Ashore

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Please feel free to have a look at some of my photos posted on Flickr.  You can see everything from physical training on the upperdeck, to some operational pics of our helicopter in the Mediterranean.