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The Flight Deck Isn’t Just for a Helo!

You may think that the flight deck is just a place for the helo to land and take off.  That is obviously its main role but it also has another purpose.  It’s where matelots relax and have some well earned fun in the sun!

 part 2 phot 2   

This is one of my many `different` Rigs, this time at the Tug of War event on the flight deck.  It was awesome; everyone totally put 110% effort in, the two phots you can see on the right are from when the whole girls’ mess went against 5 of the Chiefs’ mess.  It was definitely a challenge the Chiefs won’t forget in a hurry.

Taking sports on the flight deck is a really good laugh, everyone makes an effort to come dressed in funny Rigs and it makes the event a lot of fun.  Matelots by their very nature are competitive at the best of times, and refereeing these events is not an easy task I can tell you!

 part 2 phot 4   part 2 phot 5

Circuit training also happens on a regular basis. On board SOMERSET, I take 3 sessions per day: ‘Wake up with Clubz’ at 0630-0700 which is a low level CV and Abdominal workout designed to ease the lads and lasses into a busy day. 

 part 2 phot 6‘Muscle Beach’ at 1200-1240 which is for toning and building muscle, and in the evening its ‘Fit 2 Fight Club’ which runs from 1600-1640.  This circuit is a cardio-vascular circuit to improve all round fitness. 

It’s important to stay fit in the Royal Navy so we can be on top of our game physically and mentally.  Everyone who joins the Royal Navy is required to pass a fitness test every year.  The test can be one of two things, a 2.4km run or a bleep test, both of which must be passed by an age-specific time or level.

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  1. colette said:

    What a great blog - please don’t stop writing. Its SO interesting to see this side of the Royal Navy. :P

  2. chiefscribe said:

    An interesting peek into the world of the ‘muscle bosun’ in the RN. The only trouble with the Annual Fitness test in the Australian Navy is that Officers holding the Rank of Captain or above very rarely ever have to undertake the test? Sound familiar?