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French registered MV Limburg attacked by al-Qaeda in October 2002
The Royal Navy's Global Commitment
The Importance of Maritime Trade

The Royal Navy: Keeping the Sea Lanes Open

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Download your copy of Keeping the Sea Lanes Open, a special report explaining the Royal navy’s commitment to protecting Britain and Britain’s interests worldwide.

The Importance of Maritime Trade

After decades of decline, the UK merchant fleet is growing again, contributing more to the national balance of payments and delivering higher volumes of imports and exports.

PDF fileThe Importance of Maritime Trade


The Nature and Trends of Global Maritime Security

From Shanghai to Southampton commercial shipping runs the gauntlet between pirates, terrorists and traffickers, but how real are the dangers of lawlessness at sea?

PDF fileThe Nature and Trends of Global Maritime Security


Safeguarding Commerce At Sea

Ensuring that the maritime trading community can go about its business unmolested requires international partnerships and a strategic vision. The UK’s Maritime Security Operations (MSO) concept is the vision, and the Royal Navy is the means. 

PDF fileSafeguarding Commerce At Sea


The Royal Navy’s Global Commitment
A graphical breakdown of the Royal Navy’s operations around the world. 

PDF fileThe Royal Navy's Global Commitment