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Five Weeks to Go

It does not seem very long since Daring came back from her final contractor sea trials. Since getting back alongside, the ship builder has been busy preparing Daring for her handover to The Royal Navy. Less than five weeks from now Daring will be flying the White Ensign and the ships company will be living on board.
The handover is a very long process where the Navy have to accept over 775 rooms (compartments as we know them) that make up HMS Daring, not to mention all the electrical, mechanical and machinery systems within those compartments.
After more than two years living in Glasgow alongside Daring during her build, we will be finally moving on board and taking ownership of our brand new ship. The preparations for this date are enormous; the ships company have to be fully trained to operate all the systems on board, these vary from the High Voltage Power and Propulsion System to the Sewage Treatment Plant. We have been conducting an intense training package for the crew to ensure everyone is aware of their job should we have an emergency such as a fire or flood on board.
Marine engineering wise we have been writing all the operating procedures for the engines and propulsion system on board, ensuring the crew can operate the machinery in all configurations. The WR21 Gas Turbine has been having lots of maintenance carried out ready for handover. Socially the Warrant Officer and Senior Rates (WO&SR) Mess have celebrated Trafalgar in the usual fashion of Pickle Night. This is where we dress as 18th century sailors, we eat the food they ate and spend the evening socialising and singing sea shanties, we even had 5 volunteers to do the Sailors Hornpipe dance.

Sailors Hornpipe Daring Style

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