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HEADLINING ‘The Best British Regent Street’ Festival

Hello Shippers, Oppo’s & fellow Sailors!

I hope your indeed well! I’m cruising by at around 25 Knots to update you about my life as a wannabe Rock & Sausage Roll Star! haha………Galley’s closed! x

At the end of last month I Performed at the Annual ‘Best of the British Festival’ in Regent Street -Central London. The festival itself is the biggest free festival in the UK with over 400,000 people attending each year! This year and for some unknown reason and with a list of several signed bands & individuals they asked me to HEADLINE the Main Music stage!!??

This was my first gig in over 8 months and actually my first ever gig with a backing band!! I was proper nervous! yes I have a backing band!!…nuts!! it consists of 9 people! 2 Guitarist’s, 1 bass player, 1 keyboard player, a drummer, 2 brass players and 2 backing Singers! Mainly because they think I need a hand singing!! lol only messin! We’ve been rehearsing for the last 2/3 months and with a combination of my constant Songwriting, recording, photoshoots etc it was really exciting to finally just get out there and perform!

The night before the gig was AWESOME, myself and the full band were put up in THE MAYFAIR Hotel in London!! its just around the corner from Regent Street….. and lets just says ‘Its no mess square!’ but ‘it’ll do’, honestly the place was unbelievable, div’s,essence! and the Scran the next morning……. tip top! really set me & the Band up for a great day!

The day started off with me doing a few interviews for local news stations and press and that was followed by a sound check at 11.30, which to be fair with the amount of people already there, didn’t seem much of a sound check!! haha.

My first performance was at 1300, straight after the new boyband of the moment ‘Avenue’ opened the show, the lads are great and I still keep in touch, their currently on tour with Mcfly! (you can buy their song ‘last goodbye ‘ on itunes) sorry seemless plug!……hoping they return the plugage when I release!! hehe

Anyways 1300 came along and for some reason I felt the need to get my 9 piece band into a group huddle!! (aka rugby ….CLUBZSWINGER style!!) for a pre-motivational talk !! - being Civilians and not sports people they all had no idea what I was doing, but the CLUBZ in me really felt the need!!! and strangly enough!! straight after it! ‘I’ve never seen them so hyped & up for it! ……….the time came and I was introduced with all the hype that seems to be following me at mo! ‘The UK’S newest Soul Sensation’ etc etc (don’t believe what you read!! hehe), anyways I then stepped out onto the stage, infront of a absolutely massive crowd!! and honestly……. I felt absolutely amazing!! there were thousands!! and without letting a corny line go but if I’m completely honest, It was at that moment where all my nerves, worries disappeared and I really actually felt for the first time ever, ‘this is what I’m supposed to do’, I also do question that maybe the role as a PTI has encouraged the comfort of being out front…and yes I can honestly say it has MASSIVELY!

As a quick explanation and for those of you that don’t know me, I have lived and breathed sport all my life with no interest in anything else but Sport wanting to be in the Navy, being in the Navy and then becoming a Royal Naval Physical Trainer, amongst girl of course!. In 2006, 2 years after I became a PTI i was injuried playing & coaching Rugby for the ‘MIGHTY NELSON PHOENIX’ (Anyone remember the Phoenix, rising from the Ashes!! haha) anyway it just so happened that I had bought a guitar for my New Years Revolution 2 months prior, with sick leave immanent I had nothing to do, nothing to focus on, 2 months later I was due to join HMS RICHMOND after 2 years at NELSON gym, I then lost that draft to the injury and to be quite honest the plot a little too! I was absolutely gutted! during that time at home I decided to start to learn the earlier purchased guitar……that I named ‘Lemar’ and a liitle later in doing that I started to sing along to it, thats how it all started. Anyways……….

The performance went fantastic, I was incredibly and completely overwhelmed by the feedback I had and signing autographs and posing for pictures was a realism which was completely serial!!! even for a Clubzswinger!!haha.

That night I ‘HEADLINED’ and Closed the Festival to Thousands of people and it once again was an Amazing point in my life!! I was featured and Interviewed on ITV, BBC and in Several Online press articles! which all said quite Serial things about me, my Voice, my Music and my wicked Backing Band, needless to say a social was on the cards! haha

Since such time I have been once again non stop songwriting and recording in & out of studio’s and development meetings, I’ve been so fortunate to work alongside and with some of the biggest people and writers within the Music Industry. Dave Clayton - Simply Red & U2 Producer, John Fortis Razorlight & Paolo Nutini’s writer, Andy Love & Jos Jorgensen, Julian Gallagher (Kylie, James Morrison, Gabrielle), Orson, James Earp to mention a few favourites. Its still really early days but I’m absolutely love it, I will hopefully be releasing next year so a big year to come!

The Royal Navy have been absolutley Brill to let me have this sabbatical/career break to follow my dreams and potentially forefill my potential as a ‘Top UK Recording Artist’. In particular I’d really like to Thank Fort Blockhouse, CDR Durning, SSGT Parfitt and POPT Dick Treacy for covering a busy office to lett me have this opportunity and CDR Al George & Lt Cdr Mike Connolly for their assistance and ongoing guidence.

I really look forward to the Future!

Until the next update……Laters shippers!

If you can’t be good, be good at it! and remember it all hapens for a reason!

Best Jay


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