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My First Post…from Air Traffic Control at RNAS Culdrose

This is going to be my first post from the Tower at RNAS Culdrose, so bear with me…..

I’ve been here almost two years now and as we speak I have jus come off a manic Approach/Director session! Approach is one of our radar positions primarily dealing with aircraft taking off and director deals with recoveries. Due to Culdrose being quiet I had both of these positions “bandboxed”.


Anyway, to the fun stuff. The weather today is not quite brilliant, and not quite rubbish either. But still slightly better than home up in Scotland. All of which conspired to me working my proverbials off trying to get aircraft visual for a recovery!

It started as a fairly normal afternoon with the standard wave of Jetstreams and Hawk Jets. It got interesting when the Observer Students in their Jetstreams decided they all wanted to recover at the same time! Somehow, I had what seemed to me like millions of aircraft wanting to use the exact same piece of airspace at the exact same time…….d’oh!

After taking a couple of deep breaths and realising that I wasn’t actually that busy, wheels started turning and stuff started happening. One aircraft went low and was told to do cockpit checks early to slow him down whilst another was popped over the top at a nice safe height to go en route to tasking. This is the bread and butter stuff that keeps my life as an Air Traffic Controller interesting! It’s not all the loafing and drinking of tea that our green flight suited brethren would have you believe!

Anyways, back to work……….. 

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