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Over the last couple of months I have been working hard to get my new Olympic Campaign planned and up and running. In mid November our International Sailing Federation voted and agreed the classes of boat that would be used in the 2012 Olympics. There were a few close votes but eventually the only change for the women was the keel boat which has changed from the Yngling to the Elliot 6m with a new format being match racing. Due to my size and weight I have decided to switch from the Laser Radial to the 470 for this campaign and have been busy getting hold of a boat and setting it up ready for some intensive winter training.  Everything is now coming together and I am hoping to have everything planned and sorted by early Jan 09 ready to announce the new campaign plan.

 SB3 Match racingWhilst waiting for the decision on classes I have been able to get involved in some Navy sailing which has been great fun and a good break from the Olympic scene.  First up was the Inter Command match racing Championship which was held in Laser SB3s.  Unfortunately the event was plagued by light winds and at one point it looked like there would be no racing.  Fortunately a small amount of wind appeared which was enough to get a complete round robin in.  The standard of racing was extremely high showing the great depth of talent we have in the RN sailing team and there was no room for errors. My team didn’t start well but got into the swing of things and finished strong.  The eventual winners however never put a foot wrong and showed that we work best as a tream as they were made up of a dentist, a pusser and a representative of the FAA.

 Solana 37 racing, CroatiaI have also had the opportunity to sample a bit of yacht racing with the Navy Team out in Croatia, from which I have just returned.  The RN were invited out to compete in the Croatian Inter Navy Cup where we competed against several Navy teams from around the World.  Racing was held in Salona 37s which were perfect for the event and despite losing a couple of days due to gale force winds the event was a huge success.  We finished 2nd overall behind the full time Italian crew - not bad for a team of sailors who have never sailed together before.

My focus is now returning to the Olympic scene and some intensive fitness training to get me in shape for starting the hard sail training next year. 

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