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Royal Navy Supporting Me for 2012 Olympic Games

Yesterday I has some fantastic news - I’m going to be allowed the time to campaign for 2012!  I’m absolutely over the moon as ever since I returned from China I have felt that there’s unfinished business regarding the Olympics.  Now I have the opportunity to rectify the mistakes I made this time round and to once again strive for perfection and hopefully bring a medal home.

The London Olympics are obviously a long way off however everyone is already getting back on the campaign trail and starting their training and I will now be able to join them.  Unfortunately this means that I won’t be joining my ship in December which would have been a fantastic appointment as the Marine Engineering Officer on a Destroyer.  This is the right decision for me though as my passion and drive to medal at the Olympics is totally consuming and the thought of not being able to pursue this dream was too big a sacrifice to make.  I can only hope that when the Olympics are over in 2012 that I will be given another opportunity to be an MEO at sea.

The current campaign plan is to switch boat to the women’s two person dinghy as this is more suited to my size.  I have to wait for the International Sailing Federation to choose the actual boat for this event which will happen next week, and then find the right crew before the campaign can really start in earnest.  Until then I am back to the fitness training and organising getting out on the water in the most likely choice of boat with some of the girls I could end up sailing with.

I feel completely invigorated embarking on this new campaign and thoroughly enjoyed jumping back on my bike and getting some miles into my legs this morning.  Campaigning a new boat will be a great challenge and the steep learning curve will undoubtedly keep me on my toes for the next 12 months at least.

I look forward to keeping you posted on key developments over the next few weeks. 

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