How to Make an official Request For Information

Guidance on how to submit a request for information to the MOD plus details on the availability of information

We want to help you find the information you are interested in. Before making a request it is worth checking to see if the information is already available via the main MOD internet site, the MOD Publication Scheme or the Disclosure Log. The ICO charter for responsible freedom of information requests is aimed at individuals and organisations who propose to make requests under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (the Act) and the 2004 Environmental Information Regulations (the Regulations). It is not a legal document and is meant to be used as a guide to help users make effective use of the Act and the Regulations.

MOD Sources of Information

Before submitting a request for information, it is worth checking out the following information access points:

The MOD internet site search tool that searches the wealth of information published by the MOD Internet team and related defence sites;
The MOD Publication Scheme which indexes hardcopy as well as electronic resources;

The Disclosure Log may contain a response to a previously asked question covering your topic.

Defence-wide Sources of Information

Also, there exists a wide UK Defence Community which publishes information on the internet and it would be useful to do a search using one of the main internet search services.

If, after doing the above, you cannot find the information you require then you may need to submit a request for information. However, before doing so consider the following:

  • If the request covers recruitment then visit the main MOD recruitment web pages (link shown opposite)
  • If the request covers a genealogical topic then visit the Veterans Agency Website (link opposite) or search the MOD Publication Scheme by using the keyword “Genealogical”..

If the request is a Subject Access Request as defined under the Data Protection Act 1988 then use the form  found with the information about making a subject request. The Act gives individuals a right to request access information held about them. For more information view the "How to make a Subject Access Request" at the link opposite.

If none of the above apply, then use the "FOI Request for Information Form" to submit a request to the MOD.

We will deal with your request as quickly as we can, and will aim to let you have a response within 20 working days. If for any reason we are unable to let you have a response within 20 working days we will contact you as soon as possible explaining the reasons for this.


Please note: although our aim is to be as open as possible, there are times when we will withhold parts of the information requested. For example, the information may be withheld to protect personal privacy, national security or commercial interests.

For more information about FOI exemptions go to the "lnformation about exemptions" link opposite.

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