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Peter’s Blog Before Olympics - High Altitude Training Camp

 Lake SilvrettaFor the last 3 weeks, I have been at over 2000m above sea level in a remote location in the Austrian Alps with my coach and crew. We come here once a year in the summer to train our bodies harder than at any other point in the season. This is called a ‘work camp’.


Being so high up has a big affect on our bodies. The air is much thinner than we are used to so whenever we are out rowing or lifting weights it feels like you are having to breathe through a few drinking straws. We have to do more than the usual training load with less oxygen to fuel our muscles and after 3 weeks of this, we become more efficient machines able to cope with higher loads back at sea level. At Beijing level.


The weather up here can turn in minutes and we have seen everything from burn hot sunshine and blue skies to snow storms, with everything in between - all in the same weekend. This is my favourite training camp for so many reasons. I love the solitude that the team gets and the focus that we have so close to our big goal. The scenery and fresh air are more spectacular than I have ever seen and the excitement for what is now on our doorstep keeps us going through the toughest times.


The coxless four is in a good way and so are the other Olympic crews. We are really starting to shape up into a good team. Team GB.

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