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A Lynx Mk7 from 847 NAS on the deck of HMS Albion against the backdrop of the Northern Lights during EX JOINT WINTER 2004
Three Lynx Aircraft patrol the skies during Operation Telic as a military convoy passes beneath them
Two Lynx Mk7s of 847 NAS at their FARP site during OP TELIC 2003

Lynx Mk7

Although primarily an anti-surface and anti-submarine helicopter, a second variant of the Lynx is utilised by 847 NAS.  The Lynx Mk7 is an attack and utility version, giving an autonomous and flexible response against enemy forces to the Land Force Commander during Amphibious Operations.  The home base for all Lynx Mk7 helicopters is the Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton in Somerset.

Lynx Mk7
Crew 2 x pilot + 1 door gunner
Engines 2 x 900hp Rolls Royce Gem free power turbines
Max Speed 180 knots
Max Weight 4875 kg
Max Endurance 2hrs 15mins
Max Range 300nm
Length 13.4m
Height 3.5m