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40 Commando Unit Diary

Marines conducting a raid as part of Exercise Cyprus Wader

Each week a different member of the TAURUS 09 Task Group will write a diary, recording details of their week in one of the many units taking part in the deployment. From the most junior sailor or marine, right up to the Task Group Commander, these diaries will give a varied, honest and unique insight into life as part of the complicated jigsaw that makes up a Royal Navy Task Group.

  • LLogs(Pers) Michelle Burgess, HMS Somerset
    I’m currently serving on board HMS Somerset as the Leading Logistics (Personnel), I’ve been on board for 2 years,
  • LAcmn Alan 'Speedy' Speed
    Alan 'Speedy' Speed joined the Royal Navy in 2001 as an Operator Mechanic, Mine Warfare specialist.  After transferring to Aircrewman,
  • HMS Argyll Diary
    3rd Apr 2009
    HMS Argyll Diary
    LET(ME) Davies 28 Mar – 2 Apr 09
  • POAET(AV) Oliver Smith, 820NAS HMS Ocean
    The ship is working defence watches this week. Not that my working routine changes as I always work watches. I am an Avionics Trade Supervisor and part of 820 Naval Air Squadron.
  • AB (CIS) Andy Reid, HMS Bulwark
    A quiet marina filled with row upon row of expensive looking yachts is not the view I was expected to be greeted with when breaking out of the ship for the first time in 10 days..
  • NA(AH) Ellor - AKA Cinders
    HMS Ocean, week of Sat 7- Thu 12 March 09. By NA(AH) Ellor - AKA Cinders  
  • LLogs Pers Mark (Chokey) Luff
    Saturday 28 Feb – Thu 5 Mar 09. Did the day start with a bang? Well, I wasn’t quite sure.  We only got into Malta yesterday, and it had been a busy day at that..
  • Stacey Johnson  onboard HMS Bulwark
    Hi – my name is Stacey Johnson and I work onboard HMS Bulwark.  My main job is as a Logistician (Catering Services) – most people outside of the Royal Navy would call me a Steward. 
  • 'The Bish' - Revd. Mike Hills RN, Chaplain to HMS Bulwark
    For most people the difference between ‘perceived’ and ‘real’ time has made these final days of preparation particularly emotional..