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Waiting in Antarctica for Endurance’s Next Operational Period

We are now back in the Falkland Islands getting the ship ready for another trip to the ice. Not so far south this time though; we are off to South Georgia.

We have to come back from Antarctica regularly to re-store the ship, re-fuel and fix anything that may be broken in a more stable environment. That sometimes includes people, but luckily there have been no serious medical problems so far. So the POMA and I are doing more mundane tasks like getting people in date for their medicals and getting a couple of investigations. I did get to do some minor surgery this morning, which I always enjoy, chopping a cyst out of someone’s leg.

There is not a lot to do in the Falklands, especially where we are, which is not near the main town Stanley. So most of the ship’s company go to the military base in the evenings for food and a few drinks. Tonight the flight are putting on a battle of Taranto show with cocktails before we head off to the local military base for food and more drinks. Sadly still an early morning tomorrow. I had to get up at 5.45 this morning to do a committal medical before someone boarded the plane to go off to Colchester for a couple of months. Luckily he didn’t want to be filmed during this so the filmcrew had to wait outside. We have a documentary crew with us for the next few months for Channel Five; we are all getting used to having the cameras around but I in no way a natural in front of a camera.

I also took my fitness test this morning, the bleep test. I have never done this before, always doing the mile and a half. The electricity out to the jetty was a bit unreliable and so it stopped half way through which rather put me off. I did pass though. Which is a good thing as, in a moment of madness, I have signed up for the Edinburgh Marathon which takes place next year at the end of May. I will only have a month on dry land to train, so I hope the running machines onboard keep working. Off now to get dressed for the Battle of Taranto, Bryony  


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