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End of My HMS Endurance Deployment

It has been a long time since my last blog.  You may have read in some of the papers about the flood we had onboard, because of this I am now back in the UK and my time with Endurance has ended.

The flood occurred just before Christmas and Endurance is now alongside in the Falklands Islands. She will be returning to the UK in the next few months for a refit and repairs.  I am absolutely gutted that it is the end of my dream deployment.  I did curse it by saying the week before how great my job and life were at that time, thinking something was bound to go wrong!  I flew back to the UK on New Years Eve and saw 2009 in with my family.  I have been looking on the bright side, I did get one amazing trip down to Antarctica and I will remember that forever. I also went to South Georgia which, when the sun came out, is a stunning place. I worked with a great ship’s company and met some fascinating people including scientists, film crews, an artist and other Antarctic base workers.  This is just the way it goes in the Navy sometimes, very unpredictable. It means life is very rarely dull but it can be difficult for people with families or those who like to have their lives planned out.

I have had some work to do in Portsmouth and some leave. I have been to see my appointer who decides what all the Lieutenant and Lieutenant Commander doctors do. I am very pleased to hear that I have my career break approved. I have asked for a year out from October to go travelling. I have been planning this for some time and the Navy allows some people to take career breaks for different reasons.  Everything goes on hold while I am away (pay, promotion etc.) but it means I can come straight back into the job on returning. So I am now planning my year which is great fun.  In some ways it is nice to be home, I do keep thinking what I should be doing in Antarctica, but today it is snowing – so it almost feels like I am there! As for what I am doing next; it looks like I am going to be doing the training for Iraq, ready to go out at short notice if they need another GP.  I will also be doing some locum covers for doctors working in Sickbays abroad.   So it will not be a dull few months, although I am not looking forward to practising all my weapons skills in this cold weather next week!

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