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Heading to South Georgia on Endurance

We are at this moment sailing around South Georgia. Apparently. We arrived last night and it is so foggy that we could be in the middle of the ocean anywhere. We are here though, as the helicopters are carting people off the ship and onto land as I write.
Everyone who has been to South Georgia says it is the most beautiful place they have been to, mountains, snow, seals, penguins, whaling stations (not active), basically - majestic. However I will just have to believe them for a few more days until the weather clears. We left the Falklands a couple of days ago with what feels like hundreds of civilians onboard. It is just that in the Navy we are not used to people wondering around out of uniform. Endurance does a lot of surveying for the Foreign Office while we are down south, but a lot of our work is focused around our stakeholders and getting them to where they need to be. This Operational period we have a lot more than last time. We still have Spiderlight onboard - the documentary makers; also 4 from the BBC filming for Frozen Planet, they are flying and diving for footage; The British Antarctic Survey (BAS) have 7 people onboard, scientists and support staff, who will be conducting a variety of experiments, information gathering and counting (of seals). Finally we have 17 from the British Schools Explorers Society (BSES) who are here as part of gap years either before or after university to explore and, I believe, research.
They are all being flown off to various camps and places, including our Royal Marines who hope to do Shackleton’s walk across the island when the weather is favourable. From my point of view things have actually got a bit quieter. I have been leading a ship’s investigation, a process that take place whenever something significant happens on the ship that needs to be looked into to prevent a reoccurence. I am also in the process of updating Endurance’s RN website contribution, as a lot of bits are very out of date. I have seen a few patients, done a few medicals, and given a cold weather injury lecture, but it has been fairly quiet from a doctor point of view. So now I am at my computer, in my rented cabin (I am moving from cabin to cabin when people are away as my cabin does not have a window!) listening to the helicopter taking off and feeling very smug that I am not camping tonight in the cold and mist.

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