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HMS Cornwall in the North Arabian Gulf
HMS Chatham at sea.
HMS Campbeltown
Originally designed as specialist anti-submarine platform, the Type 22 Frigates have evolved into a powerful surface combatant with substantial anti surface, anti submarine and anti aircraft weapons systems. They also possesses excellent command & control and communication facilities, making them ideal Flagships. On patrol they have an efficient cruising speed of 18 knots, but have a sprint capability of over 30 knots.

Type 22 Broadsword Class Frigates
Ship Name Pennant No. Ship Name Pennant No.
Cornwall F99 Campbeltown F86
Cumberland F85 Chatham F87

Type 22 Statistics
Displacement: 5300 tonnes
Length: 148.1m / 485.9ft
Beam: 14.8m / 48.5ft
Speed: 30 knots
Complement: 250 (Max 301)
Armament: 114mm (4.5 inch) MK 8 gun Goalkeeper close-in weapons system (CIWS) Sea Wolf anti-missile system 2 x Quad Harpoon missile launchers 2 x 20mm Close range guns NATO Seagnat Decoy Launchers
Sensors: Type 1007 navigation radar Type 967 and 968 surveillance radar 2 x Type 911 Sea Wolf tracking radars UAT Electronic Surveillance System Type 2050 active sonar
Aircraft: Lynx MK 8 helicopters Armament: Sea Skua anti-ships missiles Stingray anti-submarine torpedoes Mk 11 depth charges Machine guns

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