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LR5 Submarine Rescue System
LR5 Submarine Rescue System

LR5 Technical Specification

Command module: Glass Reinforced Plastic Rescue Chamber: Steel Viewports: Acrylic

Main Propulsion
2 off 6KW brushless DC motors driving 2 x 660mm diameter 3 bladed propellers (steerable)

Auxiliary Propulsion
2 x 4.5HP hydraulic transverse thrusters. 2 x 4.5HP hydraulic side thruster (tiltable through 180°)

Life Support
1824 man-hours.

120V and 24V 504AH at 5 hour rate. Endurance highly dependent on battery usage, likely range 6-10 hours. Charging time 8 hours maximum.

Operating Crew
The normal operating crew supporting LR5 on a 24 hour basis consists of eight qualified personnel. The submersible crew normally consists of one pilot and one co-pilot and one rescue chamber operator.

Nominally, the payload is stated at 1425Kg. Additional buoyancy can be carried externally to augment payload.

Maximum speed is 2.5 knots.

Navigation Equipment
Gyro Compass, Echosounder, Tracking Transponder can be carried (compatible with support vessel system), Autopilot

Sonar Equipment
Obstacle Avoidance Sonar, Ametek Sea Probe Model 250A CTFM, Sonar range capability: 800m, Pinger Receiver: 27KHz

Through Water Communications
Underwater Telephones SUBCOM - 10KHz (compatible with 2008 and 2056) and 27KHz. 2056 - Voice and Pinger, 10KHz, 27KHz and 45KHz. Also Pinger only 27.5KHz.

Radio Equipment
VHF/UHF Multi-channels.

Tools Available Manipulator:
Slingsby TA 9-7 function master slave.
Claw: 2-function ejectable claw with 12" and 21" diameter options.
'Secateur' Cutter: Capacity to cut 25mm diameter soft rope.
'Guillotine' Cutter: Capacity to cut 50mm and 89mm wire rope.
Disc Cutter: 305mm discs.

Underwater Television and Still Camera External Cameras:
1 x SIT Black/White aft. 1 x SIT Black/White forward.
1 x CCD within skirt. Plus video recording facilities from any of these cameras.