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Darings Final Trials

The last month has seen a lot of preparation for Daring’s final sea trials. The ship builder have been busy preparing the ship for sea and the crew have been training and exercising again in case of any fire or flood we may have. The ship has been fuelled with just over 1000 tonnes of diesel; this would be enough to fill an average car around 20,000 times!!!
Daring set sail down the river Clyde on August 26th to start her final set of contractor sea trials before her handover to the Royal Navy, the next time she goes to sea it will be under the white ensign.

She will be at sea for around 4 weeks, during this time the Marine Engineers will be gaining confidence in the ships propulsion system. This is the last chance we will have to shadow the equipment manufacturers before we take responsibility for all the equipment.
Thursday saw a VIP day with many guests on board to witness Daring at her best, the day included carrying out high speed manoeuvring as well as boat drills for a simulated man overboard. As the day was coming to a close a smoke alarm sounded and the ships fire team were called to an area in the ship. There was no fire on board however it was soon discovered that a bearing had failed on a fan motor causing smoke inside the compartment. These are the things we constantly exercise prior to going to sea to ensure quick reactions when it happens for real.
The combat systems team will be continuing their trials and set to work of radar, Sonar, Communication and Navigation equipment. Even the gunnery department (known to us as cement heads) have been allowed to fire the small calibre guns.
Moggy and his team have been providing the catering on board for the first time, they are getting used to all the equipment in the galley and Moggy’s menus are getting a mixed reaction. There has not been the speciality dish of Pizza and Sprouts yet, however, Bacon, Lettuce and Runner Bean Baguette was on the menu one day.

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  1. WE-SUTTON said:

    I am looking forward to coming onboard and learning a complete new weapons system that will bring the navy straight into the 21st centry.