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Life in the RN…

I take each day as it comes, some days i have my highs and other days i have my lows. Today has been a good day NVQ wise as i completed three more dishes towards getting an NVQ level 2. 

I believe that i have two lifes in the navy, my personnel life and my work life. My friends are involved in both as we offer support and care to each other when ever we need it.

After work today i did my kit ready for tomorrow. Also i packed my bags ready to go on a 6 hour trip to a funeral in Blackpool. This will be the first funeral that i have attended, and i think that it will be an emotional experiance as i am a pallbearer and it was a good friend. But i need to maintain a military manner as it is a military funeral and i want to give him the best send off posible. This i will add to a short list of life experiences.

FRIDAY!, what i day this is going to be! CLEANING! Friday is the day when all of the duty watches in the galley scrub the galley until spotless and hygienic. There are only two meals in the RWE on a Friday this is breakfast and lunch. I really enjoy Fridays not for the cleaning but for the fact that i no that i am going to have the time of my life with my mates on the weekend. Also i can have a good long lie in, well not really long till about 10ish.

I think that life in the Navy is really good not for the fact that it made me all grown up, but for the fact that i made friends for life and i have job security and if i do well and serve good time i will get a good pension, which i dont need to add a penny to. Hows that?

The final sentance that i am going to say today is, If i can do it so can you, just have a little faith.

Sadly that’s all i have time for the day. Hope you enjoyed. I will be back with my next blogg before you no it. Good night and sleep well! :)

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