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My First Blog, Chef Mark Riley and Life in the Navy

Hello my name is Mark Riley i am 17 and i am from South Shields, and welome to my first blog. You might think that life in the navy is easy but its actually quite difficult.

Joining the Royal Navy was one of the best decisions that I have ever made and to this very day I dont regret anything. I have been in the RN for 7 months and i joined as a chef, so far I have made some good friends and these friends are more like a family.  My friends have always given me a lot of support, especially this week as one of my very close friends died. RIP SHELLEY.

Not forgetting about the Divisional Staff, they are really supportive.  They would tell me off if I did wrong but when I am good and self diciplined they are always there for me.  Whenever I need to talk to them they are always there and willing to give up some of there time to talk to me.

If I can do it you can do it. Have a life without limits join the Royal navy.

Sadly thats all i have time for today but i will me back for the next episode of blogs very soon, now over to you Fiona back in the studio!  Thanks for reading and my next blog will be published soon.

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