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23rd February 2009

T45 Back at Sea and Proving Her Warfighting Credentials

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After a week alongside spent catching up with maintenance as well as some defect rectification we are back at sea.  The week in Portsmouth allowed us to settle into our new base port, to face-to-face with the support agencies that answer our requests for help and, even, for some, some leave. We sailed in good shape with all machinery in proper working order.  We proved it of course, by sprinting across to Portland, testing everything to its full extent …..not quite the gently running in period that we might do with our cars.  We do indeed stop in 5 ship lengths from full ahead to full astern!

27th May 2008

Final Training Before Olympics

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I have just returned from Holland where I was competing in my first international event since selection.  It felt great to be back competing and getting back into training again after time off ,however I felt a little ‘race rusty’ at the start of the event. 


The plan was to use the event as a building block towards the Games and to help identify where I need to focus my efforts and put into place key features that will help me achieve in China. 


Light winds dominated for the main part of the event and I felt I had fairly good pace, although problems with getting off the starting line affected my consistency. 



4th May 2008

Rowing - Munich World Cup

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Last weekend was the first international regatta of the season. The last time we raced was 8 months ago at the World Championships, which coincidently shared the same venue.  It wasn’t a nice feeling going back to face the course of our 4th place defeat last year. We didn’t know how fast the opposition were, we were racing as the underdogs and we had a substitute with us.


18th March 2008

Daring Sets Sail in Just Over a Week

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Work, work. work. Does my boss not realise what time off is? Anyone would think we are trying to get a ship to sea. There’s always lots to do but with the Contractor still responsible for running the ship at sea, our focus is on training serials everyday to ensure we can deal with any fire or flood that may happen whilst we are at sea.

We’ve had a mess dinner this week which was a great success, and we were able to dine out with the old Executive Warrant Officer.  It was fun, not only because I organised it, but more so to have a glass or two of wine and some port, and see who can’t control their bladder!

4th January 2008

The Depths of Winter

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I’ve had a great winter so far and I can be really proud of myself. We all get tested against our previous times and against each other on the rowing machines, lifting weights and in boats and I have been at the top of the team in a very competitive year. The most important thing is that I am performing better than last year across the board.


Although we still have 8 months, there is a lot to do. Improving our strength and fitness is at the top of the list, but technique, boat work, speed work, selection and race preparation is still to come.


 PeteReedMunich2007 PeteReedCasual

4th September 2007

Start of the Olympic Season

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I train between 1 and 2 hours at a time, 3 times a day, everyday of the week for 4 or 5 weeks before we get a single day off, for 49 weeks for the year.


At the end of the season we race the World Championships and after that we get 3 weeks away from the usual training venue (for an ‘active’ holiday) to let out bodies physically recover from that annual trauma. Now that 3 weeks has already disappeared!