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May 2008

27th May 2008

Final Training Before Olympics

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I have just returned from Holland where I was competing in my first international event since selection.  It felt great to be back competing and getting back into training again after time off ,however I felt a little ‘race rusty’ at the start of the event. 


The plan was to use the event as a building block towards the Games and to help identify where I need to focus my efforts and put into place key features that will help me achieve in China. 


Light winds dominated for the main part of the event and I felt I had fairly good pace, although problems with getting off the starting line affected my consistency. 



23rd May 2008

The Flight Deck Isn’t Just for a Helo!

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You may think that the flight deck is just a place for the helo to land and take off.  That is obviously its main role but it also has another purpose.  It’s where matelots relax and have some well earned fun in the sun!

 part 2 phot 2   

This is one of my many `different` Rigs, this time at the Tug of War event on the flight deck.  It was awesome; everyone totally put 110% effort in, the two phots you can see on the right are from when the whole girls’ mess went against 5 of the Chiefs’ mess.  It was definitely a challenge the Chiefs won’t forget in a hurry.

21st May 2008

The World Cup Season

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 Peter - New ImageIt is difficult to say whether this year has flown by or not. On the one hand, the weeks and months of the tough winter training period dragged on and on like never before with the Olympic goal like a bull’s-eye target too distant to make out. On the other hand, we are now right in the middle of the World Cup season just 10 weeks before the Olympic final in August.


The summer racing season is here. Each year there are 3 World Cup regattas in Europe where the majority of the countries enter their boats for a chance to assess themselves against the opposition and to get ready for the main event of the year. For 3 out of every 4 years, this main event is the World Championships in September, but every 4th year it is the big one: The Olympic Games.

19th May 2008

What Are We Up to in May 2008?

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I’m just back from a week’s leave (a well earned break), and wow how things have changed in such a short period!


The new Captain has joined so I wonder how things will be now?  More visitors have come to see the ship,  have a look round, and help with training. Its back to office life again for the next 3 months now the ship is alongside.


We don’t venture to sea again until mid August, but with summer leave to take beforehand, it’ll be upon us soon before we know it. 


FOST (they are the people who test us) are here this week for a good look round.  Their faces are a picture as they try to absorb in 3 days what we’ve been learning about for the last 18 months. Best they crack on!

15th May 2008

Dickie’s 1st Blog - Journalists Easy Life!!

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Journalists? Easy life. Swanning off around the world, luxing it up on expenses, topping up on your tan.

Yes, as one of Navy News’ reporting team, I do get around a bit. The Gulf. The Gulf. The Gulf. Faslane. Plymouth. The Gulf again.  A chance not to ‘do the Gulf’ was, unsurprisingly, seized with both hands, not least because I’ve never done a Med deployment. So thank you to the good ship Somerset for the invite.In five days aboard the frigate I learned more about NATO deployments than I had in a decade of writing about them from behind a desk in Portsmouth.


We could, of course, produce a newspaper based entirely on submissions from our ships and units scattered across the globe. But it wouldn’t be as good.

9th May 2008

Video A Day on HMS Daring

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Take a look at this video on YouTube - it’s one of our ship’s company, Leading Seaman Rikki Renner, doing a superb tour round HMS Daring.

He had no script, and has made this informative video with just one cameraman from the RN Photographic Unit in London.  We published it on YouTube late November 07 and it was voted the most popuar video watched on YouTube one day that week.  Watch it here>

(Watch the video after the jump.)

8th May 2008

The Story So Far…

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Well, where do I start?  It’s May, and as I’m typing my first blog entry I’m wondering to myself how should I write this to:

a) get you to want to read more because you enjoy it

b) give you a true impression of what it is actually like on board a Pusser’s Grey (by the way, that means ’ship’ in our ‘Jack speak`).




Andy’s 3rd Blog

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The work starts in ernest!  I’m looking at all the things we need to achieve to make OPERATION HERRICK 9 a success and realise that there aren’t going to be many dull moments during the next few months.  A week on the firing ranges in the Lake District refreshes me on the rifle, pistol and general purpose machine gun.  I also get horrendously sunburnt.

  AndyCheal - RM Rig

4th May 2008

Rowing - Munich World Cup

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Last weekend was the first international regatta of the season. The last time we raced was 8 months ago at the World Championships, which coincidently shared the same venue.  It wasn’t a nice feeling going back to face the course of our 4th place defeat last year. We didn’t know how fast the opposition were, we were racing as the underdogs and we had a substitute with us.