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Emma Arkless

about to go on watch


My name is Emma, I’m 24 and have been a Marine Engineer in the Royal Navy for almost 3 years. My naval birthday is 20/03/2006.


I am currently serving onboard HMS Endurance in the Antarctic Circle – which is by far the most amazing place I have been so far!


I have been on Endurance since September 2008, I left my previous ship – HMS Westminster (a type 23 frigate), at the end of her 2008 Orion deployment in July. So this year alone, I am pretty well travelled!


Since February I have been to; Malta, Seychelles (where I went diving for the first time), Dubai, Goa (where I went swimming – yes swimming – with Elephants), Chennai, Ascension Island (Brownie points if you can spot that bad boy on a map!), The Falklands and Antarctica (namely Deception Island, and McFarlane Strait – so far).


I come from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, however, I grew up in Portsmouth as my step father is also a Chief Marine Engineer in the Navy.


My interests, aside from the usual reading, gym sessions, socialising (a lot) etc… Include; Boxing, Ice Skating (not at the same time I hasten to add), F1 Racing and my leave periods are spent pursuing The New Burlesque (extra points for those who know what that is!).

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21st November 2008

My First Blog by Emma, Marine Engineer, HMS Endurance

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only fuelling, Avcating, sullaging, routine maintanence to carry out on the main engines and stores to do. Oh, and keep my watches. But hey, what else can i do out here??!!! Keeps me busy and not thinking of home too much.