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17th December 2008


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Today was a good day, made christmas lunch for some elderly people and i really enjoyed it, i made the stuffin balls, steamed sprouts, glazed carrots and the sausage and bacon wraps. Also today i cleaned part of the galley as we are going on christmas leave so we have to deep-clean. Which i think is good as it keeps the high standards of the galley up and it prevents bad food production, or as my chef says work in mess and create mess.

9th December 2008

Life in the RN…

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I take each day as it comes, some days i have my highs and other days i have my lows. Today has been a good day NVQ wise as i completed three more dishes towards getting an NVQ level 2. 

3rd December 2008

My First Blog, Chef Mark Riley and Life in the Navy

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Hello my name is Mark Riley i am 17 and i am from South Shields, and welome to my first blog. You might think that life in the navy is easy but its actually quite difficult.