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Kevin Mcmorrow

Kevin has a massive assessment on Monday!


My name is Kevin McMorrow, I was brought up in Stenhousemuir, Scotland, where I can frequently be found fighting the family cats for the best place on the couch.  I joined the Royal Navy in 2005 to be an Air Traffic Control Officer. 


During my training at Britannia Royal Naval College I spent time on HMS Edinburgh  on Initial Sea Training.  When I passed out of BRNC I went on to work for Plymouth Military as a ‘holdover’ job.  This was a nice lead in to beginning my Air Traffic Controllers Course at RAF Shawbury in Shropshire.


I finished the ATC course and was posted to RNAS Culdrose in Cornwall where I will qualify as an Air Traffic Controller. 


My hobbies include football, and martial arts. I have represented the Navy at Tae Kwon Do and played football for BRNC. I enjoy spending time out and about and relish the all too infrequent chance to pop up north and watch Celtic play football.


Through this blog I will aim to give a unique insight into the day to day goings at Culdrose ATC.

Posts by Kevin Mcmorrow

8th April 2009


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It has been a busy past two months for the tower. Myslef and another controller recently fully qualified, which marks the end of a long and stressful journey! We have now headed into Easter Leave.


Relating to .

23rd February 2009

An Update….

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Whats been happening recently?


Well folllowing on from Christmas leave the tower has gone through a busy spell!

We’ve had many of our controllers (including myself) attend the RN Ski Championships which were held in Les Menuires. They’re a great chance to socialise and learn to how to ski or snowboard. I feel I was more than a little successful at the socialising (My bank balance tells me so…) and could do with more practice on the slopes……

2nd December 2008

My First Post…from Air Traffic Control at RNAS Culdrose

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This is going to be my first post from the Tower at RNAS Culdrose, so bear with me…..

I’ve been here almost two years now and as we speak I have jus come off a manic Approach/Director session! Approach is one of our radar positions primarily dealing with aircraft taking off and director deals with recoveries. Due to Culdrose being quiet I had both of these positions “bandboxed”.