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July 2008

31st July 2008


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THE time. About 11am. The place. A shed on Salisbury Plain. The occasion. A chance for the media to meet the Royal Marines before they head out to Helmand.

I good 30 or 40 hacks and snappers turned up to watch Kilo Company, 42 Commando, secure a ‘village’, meet the locals, grapple with some insurgents, then have some tea - pretty much the last act of the marines’ Mission Rehearsal Exercise (MRX).

24th July 2008

Another Month Goes By

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Where does time go? It doesn’t seem a few days since we were at sea and we are starting to prepare for the next set of sea trials. Daring sets sail again at the end of August for her last set of sea trails before the Navy take ownership of her in December.

22nd July 2008

The Heat is On

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“So where’s the tan then?”

If I had a dollar for every time a colleague had asked me that, I’d have about five dollars by now.

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18th July 2008

Peter’s Blog Before Olympics - High Altitude Training Camp

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 Lake SilvrettaFor the last 3 weeks, I have been at over 2000m above sea level in a remote location in the Austrian Alps with my coach and crew. We come here once a year in the summer to train our bodies harder than at any other point in the season. This is called a ‘work camp’.

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2nd July 2008

A New Sailor on JackSpeak - Good Music

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Hello Shippers!


J PictonI’m Jay Picton aka Taffy P, Toffee P, Picky Pop.  I’m a Physical Trainer in our country’s fine Royal Navy. I’m currently serving at Fort Blockhouse gymnasium sort of part time, as I’m pursuing a small sabbatical in support of a music career and being a Royal Navy ‘role model’, which is pretty wicked but actually quite tiring!!

Talk Torque

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001_NN_JulyREGULAR Navy News readers will be aware that our tone is at times rather irrelevant, flippant almost.

We don’t like pomposity. We don’t like the bombastic. And we certainly don’t like the verbose.

We like the quirky touches. The sailors of HMS Albion teaching Africans the Hokey Cokey (!), the crew of HMS Somerset bemoaning the lack of English butter, the wardroom of HMS Argyll pining for proper digestives and hobnobs rather than a disappointing hybrid.

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1st July 2008

Audio Jay Picton - Listen to This

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Have a listen to my Love and Rage sound track.


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Black Beauty in Taranto

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Hiya, you may be slighty confused as to why the title says Black Beauty, its nothing to do with a galloping horse or an advert for Lloyds tsb. Its simply a term used for when your duty bound to stay on the ship. There are 26 of us who are duty at anyone time whilst we are away in a foreign port. Basiclally we are the ships firemen, medics, and all around guardians of the ship for any emergency that may happen. My Job is in the Ships control Centre (SCC) this place is full of dials and buttons and screens that all have to be watched as they control the ships water supplies, firefighting detection systems, fuel levels etc. Although im typing this im still keeping an eye out for stuff, im mastering the art of multi tasking…..and im male, not bad eh ;)