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Phase One Training

Selection weekend was an experience. There is a variety of assessments, including: running; a bleep test; pull-ups; press-ups; sit-ups; an assault course; and leopard crawling out of the North Sea in the early hours. It was quite tough, but as the instructors remind you, you are only ever a shower and hot food away from being back in your comfort zone, and you feel great afterwards.

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  1. sotonbloke said:

    Hi Paul,
    A fellow medic here and also an aspiring Cdo MO(at some point in my career). Just a few questions mate.
    Will you have do the AACC again in the regs as a MO after gaining your green lid via the RMR route/TA commando unit? Also do RNR Medical Assistants support your RMR unit? cheers and best of luck with training.

  2. Paul Clark said:

    Hi mate,

    No, I will not have to do the AACC when Im back in the regulars. Getting your green lid through the RMR is much more comprehensive than the AACC (it is possible to tranfer to full time service in the Royal Marines without further training after the RMR). If you have the free time before joining the Royal Navy I would strongly recommend this path. It doesn’t stop at the green lid, you can continue on to additional qualifications (such as sniper courses, parachute wings, small arms weapons, raiding force, reconnaisance and so on). Also, an injury in the AACC will be far more problematic that in the RMR where there is scope to recover and then continue from where you stopped. Additionally you can earn some money in the process. Also, (depending on your circumstances) you can an operational tour with the Marines before returning to the Royal Navy.

    I haven’t seen any RNR medics attached to the RMR but there may well be some somewhere, and if they aren’t Im sure if you suggested it to your local unit they would be very interested.

    Hope this is helpful, let me know if your need any other advice e.g. exactly what the committments are.


  3. sotonbloke said:

    Hi Paul
    That was indeed very helpful mate. I considered the RMR before but the timescale to become a trained rank was too long! I’m in the TA Rifles at the moment so I’ll make enquiries about attempting cdo course as one of our sister Bn supports 3 Cdo Bde. I presume I wouldnt have to repeat AACC in the regs this way as I believe both RMR and TA attempt thesame reserve forces cdo cse. Am i right?? Sorry for all the questions mate.Good luck

  4. Paul Clark said:


    That does sound like the best idea. The training you will get will be a little different, particularly because you will already have background infantry skills (It is an AACC that you will do via the TA rather than Royal Marines Training). When you complete the Commando Tests and get your green lid you will not have to do the AACC again anytime in the future. With your green lid from the TA you can transfer straight across to the RMR as a trained rank and then pick and choose the addittional training courses that appeal to you. We have two trained ranks that have done exactly your planned route, one has just returned from arctic warfare training in Norway.

    All the best,