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January 2008

11th January 2008

Images HMS Daring - Some Good Photos of Our New Lady

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Please see some photos of HMS Daring.


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4th January 2008

The Depths of Winter

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I’ve had a great winter so far and I can be really proud of myself. We all get tested against our previous times and against each other on the rowing machines, lifting weights and in boats and I have been at the top of the team in a very competitive year. The most important thing is that I am performing better than last year across the board.


Although we still have 8 months, there is a lot to do. Improving our strength and fitness is at the top of the list, but technique, boat work, speed work, selection and race preparation is still to come.


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2nd January 2008

Images Jay’s Photos

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Here are some of my photos; more to follow.  And music as well.

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1st January 2008

Images Richard Hargreaves - Some Photos

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Please see some of my gallery photos.

Images Andy Cheal Photos

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Please see some of my photos.  More to be published soon.