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5th February 2009

T45 Meets the Royal Marines

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The Entry to Portsmouth was a quite awe-inspiring experience for the Ship.  Despite the fog, there were hundreds of people lining the front as we slipped into Harbour.  I had never experienced such a welcome before and it was a really powerful and delightful illustration of the interest and support that people have for the Royal Navy.  Having said all that, I think we are right to be excited (I would say that wouldn’t I) – the most capable Air Defence Destroyer in the World – Defence, the RN and British Industry deserve to be animated bout the achievement. 

28th January 2009

Portsmouth Bound

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We are now cutting across the English Channel after a 2-hour stop off DARING’s affiliated Island of Guernsey.   With press onboard, the weeks of planning for our first entry are starting to become reality.  Once again, there have been some challenges, not least the weather.  The Irish Sea was at its worst on Saturday night and many of the Ship’s Company were introduced to the dubious pleasure of sea-sickness.  All well by Sunday lunchtime, when we took a couple of hours off to do a Concept 2 rowing competition.  Two machines were set up on the Flight Deck and while the engineers did some full power trials and the Ship threw up a huge wake, a few brave souls rowed their hearts out.  We have also completed a series of aviation related exercises, in preparation for the arrival of a MERLIN helicopter while at anchor on Monday. 

10th January 2009

Will We Make It to Sea?

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Happy New Year!

The Ship’s Company responded well to the challenges of running this new warship over the Christmas leave period.  Everyone is now back onboard and we are sprinting towards that final hurdle, endorsement to go to sea.  Briefings, exercises and a great deal of individual research are underway with a growing anticipation, and a little trepidation, of the moment that we cast off from Glasgow and sail for Portsmouth. 

17th December 2008

Onboard and Loving It!

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We marched onboard HMS DARING and claimed her as our new home last Wednesday (10th Dec).  It was a brilliant, crystal clear, cold Glaswegian winter day and, with the exception of the General Alarm (that started sounding half way through my speech and finished as soon as the Ship’s Company had marched onboard!), the event was a great success.  Well done to bVT and UK Defence Industry for building such an excellent ship and, for the Ship’s Company, a warm welcome to the newest ship in the Navy.


1st December 2008

In Glasgow….with Anticipation

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 As a mid 40, moderately low tech captain of a very high tech ship, the concept of a blog is fairly new to me.  Nevertheless, with 2 teenage daughters to encourage me, I thought it might be of interest if I provided a few thoughts on one of the most exciting projects in Defence at the moment.