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November 2008

28th November 2008

Heading to South Georgia on Endurance

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We are at this moment sailing around South Georgia. Apparently. We arrived last night and it is so foggy that we could be in the middle of the ocean anywhere. We are here though, as the helicopters are carting people off the ship and onto land as I write.

27th November 2008

Surveying in the Antarctic on HMS Endurance

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Well, since leaving Africa HMS Endurance has completed a month long operational period in the Antarctica and is beginning another. The Antarctic is an amazing place that I don’t think anyone could get bored of.

Over and Out!!

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This will probably be my last Post that i write on board HMS SOMERSET, i am due to leave the ship on the 19th of December this year. Its been nearly 2 years since i have joined her now and my draft is almost done!

We Will Remember

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Ships Co march PastAs you are probably aware, we recently had remembrance Sunday. SOMERSET was in Lisbon,Portugal at the time but that didnt stop us from paying our respects for the fallen heros of the past….

Back at Last, but Not for Long

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Me and The Cyclists









Its my first post in a while actually, appologies for that, there has been a lot happening since we arrived home from Deployment in August.

26th November 2008

Full Training Again, Nov 2008

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The weeks and (couple of) months after the Olympics have been the only time in 5 years when I have really had a chance to stop and think about what I’ve been doing all this time. The sacrifice, the friendships, the training, the racing, the failure and (thankfully more often) the success.  The thought of being better and faster than before is scary as I know what it is going to take to get there.

21st November 2008

My First Blog by Emma, Marine Engineer, HMS Endurance

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only fuelling, Avcating, sullaging, routine maintanence to carry out on the main engines and stores to do. Oh, and keep my watches. But hey, what else can i do out here??!!! Keeps me busy and not thinking of home too much.

Waiting in Antarctica for Endurance’s Next Operational Period

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We are now back in the Falkland Islands getting the ship ready for another trip to the ice. Not so far south this time though; we are off to South Georgia.

20th November 2008

(Jolly) Roger and Out

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 Jolly Roger

Well, that’s probably grabbed your attention.

Things have moved on since those days (plus pictures of Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow are copyrighted…), but there’s not really a better way of illustrating piracy.

18th November 2008

First Blog from HMS Endurance Medical Officer: Heading Away from Antarctica

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This is my first blog so I had better do a bit of an introduction. I joined HMS Endurance as the Principle Medical Officer at the end of September. I flew out to the Falklands to join the ship as she is currently on an 18 month deployment and I am the last of 3 doctors who have served on her during this time. I am now on until we sail into Portsmouth some time at the beginning of May. Endurance has just started her operational periods down south for this Antarctic summer.