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Sea Trials

17th December 2008

Onboard and Loving It!

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We marched onboard HMS DARING and claimed her as our new home last Wednesday (10th Dec).  It was a brilliant, crystal clear, cold Glaswegian winter day and, with the exception of the General Alarm (that started sounding half way through my speech and finished as soon as the Ship’s Company had marched onboard!), the event was a great success.  Well done to bVT and UK Defence Industry for building such an excellent ship and, for the Ship’s Company, a warm welcome to the newest ship in the Navy.


10th November 2008

Five Weeks to Go

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It does not seem very long since Daring came back from her final contractor sea trials. Since getting back alongside, the ship builder has been busy preparing Daring for her handover to The Royal Navy. Less than five weeks from now Daring will be flying the White Ensign and the ships company will be living on board.

8th September 2008

Darings Final Trials

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The last month has seen a lot of preparation for Daring’s final sea trials. The ship builder have been busy preparing the ship for sea and the crew have been training and exercising again in case of any fire or flood we may have. The ship has been fuelled with just over 1000 tonnes of diesel; this would be enough to fill an average car around 20,000 times!!!
Daring set sail down the river Clyde on August 26th to start her final set of contractor sea trials before her handover to the Royal Navy, the next time she goes to sea it will be under the white ensign.