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3rd December 2008

My First Blog, Chef Mark Riley and Life in the Navy

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Hello my name is Mark Riley i am 17 and i am from South Shields, and welome to my first blog. You might think that life in the navy is easy but its actually quite difficult.

8th May 2008

The Story So Far…

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Well, where do I start?  It’s May, and as I’m typing my first blog entry I’m wondering to myself how should I write this to:

a) get you to want to read more because you enjoy it

b) give you a true impression of what it is actually like on board a Pusser’s Grey (by the way, that means ’ship’ in our ‘Jack speak`).




18th March 2008

Daring Sets Sail in Just Over a Week

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Work, work. work. Does my boss not realise what time off is? Anyone would think we are trying to get a ship to sea. There’s always lots to do but with the Contractor still responsible for running the ship at sea, our focus is on training serials everyday to ensure we can deal with any fire or flood that may happen whilst we are at sea.

We’ve had a mess dinner this week which was a great success, and we were able to dine out with the old Executive Warrant Officer.  It was fun, not only because I organised it, but more so to have a glass or two of wine and some port, and see who can’t control their bladder!