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February 2009

28th February 2009

Finally on the Water

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 The new boatThis week Saskia finally got the all clear to start sailing again after her injury and our campaign could be launched in earnest.  We had a fantastic week of light wind training in Portland Harbour and were both really pleased with how quickly we settled down as a team.  Saskia’s vast experience and high level of skill was immediately evident and extremely useful in getting me up to speed and helping me out learning in the new boat. 

23rd February 2009

An Update….

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Whats been happening recently?


Well folllowing on from Christmas leave the tower has gone through a busy spell!

We’ve had many of our controllers (including myself) attend the RN Ski Championships which were held in Les Menuires. They’re a great chance to socialise and learn to how to ski or snowboard. I feel I was more than a little successful at the socialising (My bank balance tells me so…) and could do with more practice on the slopes……

T45 Back at Sea and Proving Her Warfighting Credentials

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After a week alongside spent catching up with maintenance as well as some defect rectification we are back at sea.  The week in Portsmouth allowed us to settle into our new base port, to face-to-face with the support agencies that answer our requests for help and, even, for some, some leave. We sailed in good shape with all machinery in proper working order.  We proved it of course, by sprinting across to Portland, testing everything to its full extent …..not quite the gently running in period that we might do with our cars.  We do indeed stop in 5 ship lengths from full ahead to full astern!

Shooting and Shouting

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Looking at the photos of the beautiful, glamorous and perfectly turned out actresses at the Oscars it is a stark contrast to how I have been looking for the last week. I have been in my combats, sweaty, covered in mud, hair everywhere and bruised all over.  I am now trained and ready to go to Afghanistan if they need someone at short notice.  I spent the last two weeks doing the basic training that everyone going to an operational theatre has to do.



16th February 2009

Adios Land

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Hi and welcome again, so lots have happened in the last 2 weeks. We have had some great progress with the Merlin were rebuilding and I’ve had some good news, I’m now deploying with my Squadron as of tomorrow. I’ll be heading off on the Ocean for Taurus 09, this is one of the largest task groups the navy has operated, with cooperation from the U.S. and French Navy’s this should be one sweet trip.

15th February 2009

Operational Training and Locums Abroad

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I now have a plan for the next few months, which is great – it is a great plan and it is great to have a plan.  I am doing training for Afghanistan in case I need to go and if I do not go I will be doing some locums abroad.


Sunshine is Finally Here

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It is so nice to be making our way further south into the sunshine. I can’t believe how much snow has fallen in the UK, we have been following the news and getting pictures sent through of snow filled back gardens. In some ways I am sad because I love snow and it would have been amazing to see it fall in that amount in the UK. But instead we are breaking out the sun screen and swimming in the sea on port visits. On board we have a satellite TV system which allows us to pick up British forces broadcasting service, keeping us up to date with news from home. We also get daily updates taken from UK newspapers including sports reports on our computers.


5th February 2009

The Journey Continues

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Hello again

 Since my last post we have made our way down the coast of Spain and Portugal and after a quick stop in Gibraltar are now transiting through the Mediterranean. The sea state is now much more settled and so I have started to fall into a regular working pattern. We normally get up around 0700 and I have my first clinic at 0800 for anyone who is not feeling well. This tends to be mostly simple coughs, colds and sports injuries such as ankle sprains. It is very unlike working in the accident and emergency department that I am used to, as you do not have x-ray or blood tests immediately available.

T45 Meets the Royal Marines

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The Entry to Portsmouth was a quite awe-inspiring experience for the Ship.  Despite the fog, there were hundreds of people lining the front as we slipped into Harbour.  I had never experienced such a welcome before and it was a really powerful and delightful illustration of the interest and support that people have for the Royal Navy.  Having said all that, I think we are right to be excited (I would say that wouldn’t I) – the most capable Air Defence Destroyer in the World – Defence, the RN and British Industry deserve to be animated bout the achievement. 

4th February 2009

End of My HMS Endurance Deployment

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It has been a long time since my last blog.  You may have read in some of the papers about the flood we had onboard, because of this I am now back in the UK and my time with Endurance has ended.

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