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5th December 2008

Moving Onboard - a Few Last Minute Hurdles

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In the Ship Control CentreThe Support Party arrivesFirefighting A little dip in confidence in our ability to move onboard. There was bound to be a ground rush as we approached the moment that the MOD accepts the Ship from the Shipbuilder and the Ship’s Company prepare to move onboard.  I have not been disappointed!!  The challenge is to ensure that we understand, in intense detail, everything about the Ship so that we can confidently operate safely  onboard.   Teleconferences, VTCs, scratching of heads and briefings abound as we wrestle with this issue. 


8th September 2008

Darings Final Trials

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The last month has seen a lot of preparation for Daring’s final sea trials. The ship builder have been busy preparing the ship for sea and the crew have been training and exercising again in case of any fire or flood we may have. The ship has been fuelled with just over 1000 tonnes of diesel; this would be enough to fill an average car around 20,000 times!!!
Daring set sail down the river Clyde on August 26th to start her final set of contractor sea trials before her handover to the Royal Navy, the next time she goes to sea it will be under the white ensign.

29th August 2008

Olympic Sailing Report

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Having finally arrived home from China I am now able to look back on the last 3 weeks and update you all on how it went, reflecting on my experiences at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

 Qingdao - Olympic sailing venueThe venue was incredible, much had been written about the wind conditions and the algae, one of which had been removed and the other, well it was the same for everyone so little point in complaining about the light winds. The Olympic village is a 5-star hotel facility on site at the marina in Qingdao (pronounced ching dow). The countries were all allocated separate areas for their team’s dinghies and boats adjacent to the support containers (a mobile workshop and an air-conditioned rest and changing area). Security was extremely tight and very similar to airport checks for personnel and baggage every time anyone entered, passes had to be worn at all times and I even had a daily colour (red, white or blue) to wear. It all felt rather familiar to the good old RN!