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30th March 2009


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Last time, we were licking our wounds after our formal training period with the Flag Officer Sea Training Staff.  Three weeks further on, we are concentrating on developing our warfare ability in the early stages of the long road to operational service.

26th March 2009

Bahrain, Cluedo and Mail

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 Again it’s been a while since I updated you on my travels. We made our way through the Gulf of Aden, an area which has had a lot of press coverage recently due to the piracy and drug smuggling activities, and then on through the entrance to the Gulf; the Straits of Hormuz.  This is a narrow channel with Iran on one side and United Arab emirates on the other, and so transit through is a time of heightened security for the ship. Finally after 12 days at sea we reached Bahrain for a well deserved visit along with the chance to embark a significant amount of stores for the ship.

20th March 2009

Taurus 09, Still Working Hard…well Almost

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Hello and welcome to the blog,

Since the last blog there have been quite a few things going on, plenty of flying as well as lots of broken helicopters, which means lots of work for me. We have also managed 4 days along side in Kusadasi, Turkey which was a very good run ashore.

9th March 2009


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We have spent the last 2 weeks being put through our paces by the staff of the Flag Officer Sea Training.  We were alongside for one week and then spent 5 days at sea putting the theory into practice.  Called ‘Preliminary Sea Training’, the period is designed to check out our routines, our ability to deal with peacetime incidents and an opportunity to be exposed to new skills that will stand us in good stead as we start to develop T45 warfighting ability. 

7th March 2009

Taurus 09 Here We Go!

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So we departed from RNAS Culdrose to land on HMS Ocean to start our deployment for Taurus 09. As our Aircraft landed on the bustling grey deck I found it hard to believe that this would be home for the next 6 months.


As I got down below decks I found my messdeck, basically a large room with 27 beds stacked three high with a locker each which was about the size of a hobbit. Nice and cosy.


The deployment started with an amphibious exercise called south west sword. This involved putting marines ashore off the coast of Cornwall via both landing craft and helicopter. It was good fun but hard work shifting Bergen’s around in the back of the aircraft all day, I tell you what, the marines sure don’t pack light.

23rd February 2009

An Update….

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Whats been happening recently?


Well folllowing on from Christmas leave the tower has gone through a busy spell!

We’ve had many of our controllers (including myself) attend the RN Ski Championships which were held in Les Menuires. They’re a great chance to socialise and learn to how to ski or snowboard. I feel I was more than a little successful at the socialising (My bank balance tells me so…) and could do with more practice on the slopes……

5th February 2009

T45 Meets the Royal Marines

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The Entry to Portsmouth was a quite awe-inspiring experience for the Ship.  Despite the fog, there were hundreds of people lining the front as we slipped into Harbour.  I had never experienced such a welcome before and it was a really powerful and delightful illustration of the interest and support that people have for the Royal Navy.  Having said all that, I think we are right to be excited (I would say that wouldn’t I) – the most capable Air Defence Destroyer in the World – Defence, the RN and British Industry deserve to be animated bout the achievement. 

28th January 2009

Portsmouth Bound

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We are now cutting across the English Channel after a 2-hour stop off DARING’s affiliated Island of Guernsey.   With press onboard, the weeks of planning for our first entry are starting to become reality.  Once again, there have been some challenges, not least the weather.  The Irish Sea was at its worst on Saturday night and many of the Ship’s Company were introduced to the dubious pleasure of sea-sickness.  All well by Sunday lunchtime, when we took a couple of hours off to do a Concept 2 rowing competition.  Two machines were set up on the Flight Deck and while the engineers did some full power trials and the Ship threw up a huge wake, a few brave souls rowed their hearts out.  We have also completed a series of aviation related exercises, in preparation for the arrival of a MERLIN helicopter while at anchor on Monday. 

22nd December 2008

First Blog

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This being my first post I would just like to say to Everyone, Hello.  I’ve done 2 years and 10 months of training to get where I am today.  It is one heck of a pipeline, but I should be as ready as I possibly can be to do the job thats asked of me.  I joined HMS Trafalgar on the 15 December as it’s newest Warfare Officer.  It’s straight in at the deep end as my training is not finished yet, the demands of being a submariner are such that I have to know all the valves and circuits and understand every system on the boat.  No small feat for a man that kept breaking the coffee machine at the Naval College, but I have a few month’s to do it.  When I do I’ll be updating this blog with a single one word post along the lines of: Woo hoo!

17th December 2008

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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Following yet another very busy and challenging year I would like to offer all members of the Naval service every best wish for Christmas and the New Year and to thank you all for the continued outstanding efforts in support of all that the Royal Navy has done this past year.