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Royal Marines Reserves

Royal Marines Reserves (1)A Royal Marines Reserve is a commando trained General Reserve contributing to a world class Navy, ready to fight and win.

All the volunteers within the RMR have passed through the same rigorous Commando Course as their regular Royal Marines counterparts. Volunteers may be civilians with no previous military experience, or have transferred from the TA or were former Royal Marines. The volunteers who make up the RMR are from varied backgrounds and are drawn from all walks of civilian life.

The RMR consists of approximately 600 trained ranks, who are distributed between the five RMR Centres within the UK. Approximately 10% of the RMR are working with the Regular Corps on long term attachments in all of the Royal Marines regular units.


The Mission of the Royal Marines Reserve

To act as a General Reserve to the Royal Marines Command and to promote a nationwide link between the military and civilian community. More specifically to:

Reinforce the Royal Marines as and when required, with individuals and sub-units worldwide.

Promote a nation-wide link between the Royal Marines and civilian communities. Be prepared to provide a nationwide infrastructure for regeneration and reconstitution in times of national emergency.

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