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Andy Cheal


My name is Andy Cheal and I am a Lieutenant in the Royal Navy. Born June 1979 in Watford and went to Watford Grammar School and Royal Holloway University, London where I studied for a Degree in Politics.  I live in Exeter. 




April 2002 joined as Engineering (Training Management) Officer

Served at most training establishments, including HMS SULTAN, COLLINGWOOD, NELSON, BRNC, Commando Training Centre Royal Marines.


I have served at sea onboard HMS CUMBERLAND AND ARGYLL.


I completed the Royal Marines Commando Course in 2007 and am now serving as Education, Resettlement and Media Ops Officer at Commando Logistic Regiment, Chivenor, North Devon.


My interests are:Reading, Cinema and going to the Gym

Posts by Andy Cheal

3rd October 2008

My First Impressions of Afghanistan

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­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­First impressions of Afghanistan: hot…. unsurprising I suppose….

28th September 2008

Deploying to Afghanistan

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I flew to Helmand province, Afghanistan on the 17th of September, so the first few weeks back from leave were really a case of finishing off any essential UK work, ensuring everything was in place for when I arrived in Camp Bastion, but most importantly cutting around the UK in every spare minute to say goodbye to family and close friends that I won’t be seeing until well into 2009.  As everyone is deploying within a couple of weeks of each other, most people were doing the same. 

We had a couple of painfully good nights in the mess to mark the end of such liberties, and then we deployed.

15th September 2008

Having Fun in the USA

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Me & Ed in San Diego with a whopping US LPH in the BackgroundI headed off to California with 2 guys from the Mess at Chivenor.  Landing at San Diego we picked up a soft-top Mustang and head off to the Hard Rock Hotel in the centre of town.   What a place to stay.

Sadly the quality of the accommodation did not remain constant as we headed north, up the Pacific Coast Highway, towards San Francisco.  We managed to stay in an utter dive in Santa Monica…

10th August 2008

3 Weeks Leave - Bring It on ….

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August 2008

All of 3 Commando Brigade got 3 weeks leave, which is awesome as pretty much everyone has had their fill of training for Afghanistan.  It’s important to get a balance to keep yourself sane!

So in the interests of that sanity I’m off to America for almost the whole leave period.

8th May 2008

Andy’s 3rd Blog

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The work starts in ernest!  I’m looking at all the things we need to achieve to make OPERATION HERRICK 9 a success and realise that there aren’t going to be many dull moments during the next few months.  A week on the firing ranges in the Lake District refreshes me on the rifle, pistol and general purpose machine gun.  I also get horrendously sunburnt.

  AndyCheal - RM Rig

28th April 2008

On Leave

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All of 3 Commado Bde have the opportunity to take leave for 3 weeks before the busy period of preparing for Afghanistan begins.  I decided to work on the house and relax at home in Exeter.  I’m going away this summer with some friends so wanted some down time at home.

10th April 2008

My First Blog for Jack Speak

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The Royal Marines Commando Logistics Regiment (CLR) is just back from Norway where we conducted a variety of training but our main effort was to complete our ‘novices’ course – Arctic Warfare Training for all ranks in the Regiment – it’s one of 3 Commando Brigade’s special commitments and marks part of serving with a commando regiment.

 AndyCheal - Norway

1st January 2008

Images Andy Cheal Photos

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Please see some of my photos.  More to be published soon.