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17th December 2008


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Today was a good day, made christmas lunch for some elderly people and i really enjoyed it, i made the stuffin balls, steamed sprouts, glazed carrots and the sausage and bacon wraps. Also today i cleaned part of the galley as we are going on christmas leave so we have to deep-clean. Which i think is good as it keeps the high standards of the galley up and it prevents bad food production, or as my chef says work in mess and create mess.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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Following yet another very busy and challenging year I would like to offer all members of the Naval service every best wish for Christmas and the New Year and to thank you all for the continued outstanding efforts in support of all that the Royal Navy has done this past year. 

Onboard and Loving It!

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We marched onboard HMS DARING and claimed her as our new home last Wednesday (10th Dec).  It was a brilliant, crystal clear, cold Glaswegian winter day and, with the exception of the General Alarm (that started sounding half way through my speech and finished as soon as the Ship’s Company had marched onboard!), the event was a great success.  Well done to bVT and UK Defence Industry for building such an excellent ship and, for the Ship’s Company, a warm welcome to the newest ship in the Navy.


15th December 2008

Civilians, Sickness and Tinsel

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The Wardroom
We have finished at South Georgia and all the scientists, young explorers, Royal Marines and film crews are safely back onboard. We are now in transit and having a bit of a breather, although I did have a casualty the other day.

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