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Operations in Afghanistan

40 Commando in Afghanistan
Naval Strike Wing in Afghanistan
Royal Marines Operations in Afghanistan

Why we are in Afghanistan

we are there in support of an UN mandated, NATO-led mission, the International security Assistance Force (ISAF). We are there to prevent Afghanistan from again becoming a safe haven for terrorism, to build security and government institutions so that the progress of recent years becomes irreversible.

What do we (UK) hope to achieve by being there

the United kingdom's commitment, both military and otherwise, aims to bring about a stable, secure and self-sustainable Afghanistan. This means:

  • Democratic government that can maintain the rule of law and deliver basic services;
  • A sustainable security environment where the population is free from coercion;
  • A viable legitimate market economy that is increasingly able to support basic social needs and reduce poverty; and
  • A sustainable decrease in poppy cultivation and drug trafficking.


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