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Sarah Burns


I am Sarah Burns and I was born on the Isle of Wight, which is where I have lived my whole life. I completed my A Levels and joined the RN as soon as possible after that. I filled in the time as a Sea Cadet instructor, which helped improve my knowledge of the RN before I went to HMS Raleigh.

I joined the Royal Navy in May 2007. I wanted to join the forces from the age of 13; I was influenced by time in the cadets with my interest in sailing and being at sea leading me to the Royal Navy.

I have been on HMS Endurance since the beginning of January this year. It is my first ship since finishing my HM training at HMS Drake and I am enjoying life on board. I was very lucky to be drafted to HMS Endurance as it was my goal before I joined up and visiting Antarctica is an amazing experience because it is such a stunning place with beautiful scenery and interesting wildlife.

Since being on HMS Endurance I have been to various places in Africa, to the Falklands and the picturesque Antarctica. I have participated in various surveys including taking part in some detached boat camps. During these surveys, I monitor echo sounder equipment, record all types of wildlife and natural phenomena, and go ashore to record tides and use special equipment to find accurate positions of points on the land, which can be used towards the production of sea charts.

I enjoy sailing with the Tall Ships Youth Trust on the square rigger ship Stavros S Niarchos when I can as I love climbing up the mast and playing with her sails. I also love travel, which does come with the career, so is a real bonus!







Posts by Sarah Burns

4th December 2008

HMS Endurance Carrys Out Tasking in South Georgia

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HMS Endurance is now in South Georgia for her next operational period. The ship has been carrying out numerous diving operations including the BBC diving for a new programme called Frozen Planet. The BBC have also been using the ships helicopter to film the area  from above the surface and there has been the transfer of SBES (Young Explorers organsiation) ashore to carry out scientific investigations on glaciers and wildlife here.

27th November 2008

Surveying in the Antarctic on HMS Endurance

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Well, since leaving Africa HMS Endurance has completed a month long operational period in the Antarctica and is beginning another. The Antarctic is an amazing place that I don’t think anyone could get bored of.